Thank you for your compassion in allowing me the priviledge of helping my Grandson with his exhaust repair on the Lumina. It was a great gift to him, thanks to you.

It is rare to find a business person such as you. Your integrity, honesty, and openness to do what is right for the customer, the first time, is awe inspiring. Your brother is right. What you see is what you get!

You have assembled a crew of young men that are second to none and extremely knowledgeable, gifted in mechanical abilities, and just as outgoing as you are. A pleasure to be around, talk to, and work with!

Being a Viet Nam Veteran, I also salute and honor your son’s service to our great country. I proudly thank him, through you.
Another Happy Customer
I cannot thank you guys enough for your time & efforts to get my Jeep running properly again. You went out of your way to help me out when I had to stop on the side of the road and made sure I got where I needed to go safetly. I appreciate your willingness to help me understand more about my truck and teach me how things work. You guys are truly caring individuals & I will for sure be back if I need anything else, Just hopefully not too soon!

Ryan had a blast at the shop as well and hasn’t stopped talking about the Cars going up and down, and running around with tools saying ” I help fix car!”

Thanks again
Another Happy Customer
You guys are the best, my Vette sounds awesome and runs soooo much better. Thanks for all your help and tutelage. I will be telling everyone I know where I was serviced. Thanks again.

You guys rock!!
Eric G.
Another Happy Customer
Thanks for the great service. Your craftsmanship and work ethic were excellent. I would not hesitate to bring another car here in the future.

Another Happy Customer
This guy does awesome work, Everything I expected and more. He also keeps you involved in the whole process which is not seen very often these days. You can’t go wrong with Tim’s Custom Exhaust, He’s a legend in his trade.

My Avalanche never sounded better, Best money I’ve spent in a longtime! I can’t believe the compliments I have already received on my truck. I just wanted to thank you again for the awesome exhaust job you did on my truck.
Another Happy Customer
I (we) would like to thank you for repairing the muffler hanger on our ’32 Ford on the Thursday before BTT50’s. We had no problems on the trip down. We went straight to registration then to our hotel. When leaving to go see some friends, started the car, put it in drive, and found the exhaust hanger was broken.

Muffler was loose and bouncing of the car bottom. I saw your ad in the Line Chaser and called. You said no problem come on over & gave directions. When we got there you took us in right away. You welded the hanger on and said you hoped we enjoyed our weekend at the 50’s. It is nice knowing there are good people like you in this world. Thank you for your help.
Another Happy Customer
I wanted to thank you again for helping me out with the GTP. Your willingness to go out of your way to make sure I was satisfied was infectious and meant a lot to me. I learned a lot hanging out at the shop with you and had a lot of fun.

Being around you actually inspired me to be more concious of the way I interact with my own customers and do what I can to be as genuine as I can with people. That concept seems to water down in higher populated areas. A lot of people, businesses, families, ect. overlook that type of thing with the way technology (a.k.a. ourselves) is advancing and growing so rapidly.

Anyways, the exhaust sounds and looks great. I like ia a lot and I’ll most definetly be seeing ya in the future to get the GTP done and of course the Trans Am! Can’t wait.

Thanks again man,
Another Happy Customer
Just wanted to say thank you for the good work and honest and good price for the repair on my SUV.

Thanks again!
Another Happy Customer
I wanted to thank you for the exellent job you did on my FJ Criuser. I an really impressed and happy with the results. The exhaust looks and sounds amazing! Almost like the racing Chevy Nova…( I wish). The job is so cleanly done that I could have dinner under my truck. I am really thankful for all your advice because they were in my best interest. I have to say that it is hard to find an honest hard working person like you.

Thank you again for your technical knoweldge and friendship. I felt in some way I was part of your team. It was awesome hanging out with you guys at your shop. I am excited for getting my truck supercharged! I would appreciate your help and advice on my supercharge project. I would recommend you guys any day. If someone wants a great exhaust, your shop is the place to be!

Keep up the great job and thanks again.
Another Happy Customer
I finally got some track time and wanted to test out the exhaust you built for my 70 Monte Carlo. We were pleasantly and completely surprised to find out that my 1/4 mile E.T. and MPH showed NO MEASUREABLE DIFFERENCE with your full exhaust system vs. open headers. In fact, on back to back exhaust/open header runs I ran the exact same MPH. This proves that a well designed, full exhaust system doesn’t have to hurt the performance of any car, even one in the 11’s such as mine. Plus, you can still sound great on the street.

I’m glad I followed your recommendation for the 3″ mandrel bent system with crossover and Dynomax mufflers. It has proven to be a winner.

Thanks again!
Another Happy Customer
Thanks for the fine workmanship on my Street-Rod. It’s always a pleasure ( and fun ) working with you. Keep up the good work, Thanks again.
Another Happy Customer
This is just a note of thanks for the great job you did building the exhaust system on my GTP. I know it took a bit of effort on your part since I can be a difficult person to please but your effort was appreciated. I love the mufflers you selected-they almost make the car sound like it has a V8 in it. Thanks again.
Tom H.
Another Happy Customer